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Consent to the processing of personal data of customers — individuals

The user, leaving a request on the website, accepts this Consent to the processing of personal data (hereinafter — the Consent). Acting freely, by his own will and in his interest, and also confirming his legal capacity. The user gives his consent to process his personal data to LLC Avrora-Shipping (TIN 6164127840, hereinafter the Company) located at the address: 143-145 Maxim Gorky str., office 8, Rostov-on-Don, 344002, Russian Federation, with the following conditions:

  1. This Consent is given to the processing of personal data, with or without the use of automation tools.
  2. Consent is given to the processing of the following personal data: Personal data that is not special or biometric: contact phone numbers; E-mail; place of work and position; user data (location information; type and version of the OS; type and version of the Browser; type of device and its screen resolution; source from where the user came to the site; from which site or by which advertisement; language of the OS and Browser; which pages it opens and which buttons are clicked by the user; ip-address.
  3. Personal data is not publicly available.
  4. Purpose of processing personal data: processing of incoming requests of individuals in order to provide consultations; analytics of the actions of an individual on the website and the functioning of the website; conducting advertising and newsletters.
  5. The basis for the processing of personal data is: Article 24 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation; Article 6 of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ «On Personal Data»; Company Charter; this Consent to the processing of personal data.
  6. During processing with personal data, the following actions will be performed: collection; record; systematization; accumulation; storage; clarification (update, change); extraction; usage; transmission (distribution, provision, access); blocking; removal; destruction.
  7. Personal data is processed till an individual unsubscribes from advertising and newsletters. Also, the processing of personal data may be terminated at the request of the subject of personal data. The storage of personal data recorded on paper is carried out in accordance with Federal Law No. 125-FZ «On Archival Affairs in the Russian Federation» and other regulatory legal acts in the field of archiving and archival storage.
  8. Consent may be revoked by the personal data subject or his representative by sending a written statement to the Company or his representative at the address indicated at the beginning of this Consent.
  9. In case of withdrawal by the subject of personal data or his representative of consent to the processing of personal data, the Company has the right to continue processing personal data without the Consent of the subject of personal data if there are reasons specified in clauses 2–11 of the part 1 of the Article 6, part 2 of the Article 10 and part 2 of the Article 11 of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ «On Personal Data» dated July 27, 2006.
  10. This Consent is valid until the termination of the processing of personal data specified in clauses 7 and 8 of this Consent.

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